Alex Jones to allow company behind Infowars to participate in CT defamation lawsuit in September – Hartford Courant

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has agreed to allow the company behind his far-right Infowars website to participate in his Connecticut libel case, meaning the two will face trial in Waterbury in September to decide what that they should pay in damages for their false claims that the Sandy Hook school shootings were a hoax.

Free Speech Systems, wholly owned by Jones, told a Texas bankruptcy court on Monday that it no longer opposes the Connecticut lawsuit, removing itself from bankruptcy court protection. The company, along with Jones, will face tens of millions of dollars in damages to relatives of Sandy Hook victims at the trial, tentatively scheduled for September 13.

Jones upended Connecticut’s trial schedule when he filed Free Speech Systems into federal bankruptcy on July 29, a filing that halts all related litigation in state courts indefinitely.

Jones cleared a libel suit in Texas, and earlier this month the jury awarded about $49 million to a Sandy Hook family who sued there.

In Connecticut, where the bankruptcy filing came as jury selection was set to begin, Judge Barbara Bellis ordered the lawsuit for damages to continue against Jones alone, who did not file for bankruptcy. Some legal analysts suspect that Jones’ decision to allow Free Speech Systems to participate in the Connecticut case is strategic, in that it will allow him to strengthen his defense.

By Monday evening, six jurors and an alternate had been selected for Waterbury’s damages trial. Bellis asked the attorneys to agree on three more alternate jurors.

As part of the settlement reached at Monday’s Texas bankruptcy hearing, Free Speech Systems said it was accepting the juror who had been seated so far on the assumption that he would only hear a case. damages than against Jones.

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