Baron Corbin set to file for bankruptcy after WWE SummerSlam


Speaking in person to WWE SummerSlam, Baron Corbin revealed that he only has US $ 35 left and plans to file for bankruptcy.

In real life, the man behind TV character Baron Corbin, Thomas Pestock, is said to have a net worth of $ 1.425 million. However, on WWE television, the 36-year-old character has had a hard time since losing his King of the Ring status to Shinsuke Nakamura in June.

Big E retrieved his Money in the Bank briefcase from Corbin after defeating him on the WWE SummerSlam launch show. After the match, Corbin told WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber that his financial problems had reached a new low.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s probably [the last fans will see of him]”Corbin said.” I mean Monday I have to file for bankruptcy. I have no family, I have no friends. Really, I only have $ 35 left and that’s it. It’s just that I don’t … “

Amid Corbin’s grief, Schreiber walked away from the SmackDown star and began interviewing Big E instead. Big E enthusiastically held his Money in the Bank briefcase before showing his appreciation to celebrity guest Logan Paul.

Logan Paul calls Baron Corbin an “a ** hole”

American Internet personality Logan Paul is scheduled to appear on Monday’s WWE RAW episode as a guest on John Morrison’s new Moist TV segment. WWE cameras also showed Paul was in attendance at Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam event.

After a brief backstage interaction with Big E, Paul was interrupted by a confused Corbin. The former United States champion asked why Sarah Schreiber ended her interview with him, prompting Paul to disrespect Corbin.

“Maybe because you’re a hole **,” Paul said.

WWE SummerSlam featured 11 matches, including Baron Corbin vs. Big E on the launch show, and two huge comebacks. Watch Sportskeeda Wrestling’s pay-per-view review in the video above.

We asked Big E if there was a place for AJ Lee in WWE. Discover his answer here.

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