BT will offer the mobile as it looks to buy EE


Telecom giant BT said it had “several weeks” to complete negotiations and secure the deal with its French and German counterparts. If the acquisition takes place, as is largely expected, this will make BT the king of quad-play – mobile grouping with TV, broadband and fixed telephony – in the United Kingdom.

EE has 24.5 million mobile customers, a third of the UK’s mobile market share in terms of revenue, and is the country’s most popular 4G network. If the deal is done, BT to Use EE to Accelerate Plan to Provide People with a ‘Transparent’ Internet access by combining 4G, fiber optic broadband and Wi-Fi.

However, BT – which offered mobile phone contracts under the name BT Cellnet until 2002, when it was separated and became O2 – says it is confident it will be able to offer a combination of telephony. mobile and broadband to ordinary people and businesses, even if the EE deal falls though.

But if the deal is done, what will that mean for you? Dominic Baliszewski, our telecommunications expert, says quad-play has the potential to save you “a lot of money”, and that BT is likely to offer “very interesting offers” to those who already have BT and EE.

“If this deal goes through, millions of people who are both EE mobile customers and BT broadband / TV customers will effectively become triple or quad-play BT customers without even blinking their eyes. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t feel rushed or pressured into signing a new contract. “

Instead, Dom advises to compare offers and separate what you need and what you want, especially when it comes to your cell phone plan, as the market is getting harder to understand.

Source: BBC News

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