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Editor’s Note: The Chinese Communist Party, by strengthening the rule of law and practicing people’s democracy as a whole, has ensured that the people rule the country. People’s democracy as a whole is a creation of the CCP in pursuit of the country’s development. and advancing socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics.” Three experts share their views on the matter with China Daily.

Various valuable features of Chinese diplomacy are becoming increasingly evident as China continues to showcase its creative and multidimensional development model to the world. Through its diplomacy, China has made tremendous efforts to present the true image of the ruling Chinese Communist Party to the world.

Chinese diplomacy, which adheres to the Party leadership, has also helped China become a major force in international relations.

An important feature of Chinese diplomacy is the establishment of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. The greatest source of strength in Chinese diplomacy is its people-first principle, which has helped it deepen cooperation and friendship with other countries and promote global solidarity.

Another characteristic to highlight is the global vision of Chinese diplomacy. The CPC is committed to promoting development, maintaining harmony, improving the lives of the Chinese people and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, and as the country’s ruling party, it has always pursued a policy independent foreign affairs aimed at maintaining world peace and promoting development. .

Self-defense, which includes safeguarding core national interests such as sovereignty and territorial integrity, is another distinctive feature of Chinese diplomacy. Thus, China will continue to firmly oppose all practices of hegemony and intimidation.

China has repeatedly stressed that it will continue to present its authentic, multidimensional and comprehensive image to the world, and strive to make the international community better understand its political system, development path and comprehensive vision.

As the United States and a few other countries desperately try to propagate Western values ​​and fuel ideological divisions, the world has seen several great power disputes lately, with China promising to make its voice heard more clearly in the international forums.

The first dispute is about true multilateralism and pseudo-multilateralism. While some countries sing the praises of multilateralism but continue to build exclusive blocs on the sly, even openly, China has defended multilateralism, reiterated that all countries should practice genuine multilateralism, and emphasized that the only international system is that of the United Nations. United. frame.

The second dispute concerns right and wrong international rules, as some countries, while talking about “rules-based system”, are determined to impose “gang-based rules” to achieve their nefarious goals. China has repeatedly condemned such attempts at regional and global meetings, saying there is only one set of international rules: the UN Charter.

The third dispute concerns genuine and pseudo-human rights. Despite serious human rights problems at home, the United States and its allies seek to use human rights as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly China and other developing countries, making false accusations against them.

In response, China has set the record straight by publicizing its achievements in human rights development, refuting false accusations and exposing the hypocrisy of self-proclaimed human rights defenders.

The fourth confrontation concerns real democracy and pseudo-democracy. The so-called Democracy Summit that US President Joe Biden organized in December 2021 ended without reaching any consensus, proving once again that democracy is a common value of humanity and that no country has no right to lecture others about it. It is up to the people to determine whether the form of democracy practiced by their country is effective.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the form of democracy followed by China. Basically, China practices integral democracy which has strengthened its international standing and helps it achieve national rejuvenation.

The Chinese Party and people have made remarkable achievements, setting the country on the path to prosperity and making national rejuvenation a historic necessity.

As for Palestine-China relations, they have progressed well over the years, with the two sides deepening their cooperation for the benefit of their peoples.

We (at the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front) look forward to seeing China further consolidate its position in international relations and the world economy, and work with Palestine for mutual development and benefit. And we appreciate the important initiative taken by China to resolve the Palestinian issue on the basis of international law.

Given our relationship with the CPC, which is based on mutual respect, we are proud of all of China’s achievements, especially because China has the ability to influence international equations and build a more multipolar world order. just.

Palestine looks forward to deepening its relations with China at all levels, as the world must redouble its efforts to build a community with a shared future.

Opinions do not necessarily reflect those of China Daily.

The author is secretary general of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front.

Beijing supports a working democracy

The party promotes democracy as a whole

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