‘China’s manipulating global discourse to drown out vast human rights abuses of Uyghurs’ | MorungExpress

Washington, Aug. 25 (IANS): China is actively trying to manipulate and dominate the global discourse on Xinjiang and discredit independent sources reporting ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and members of other groups. ethnic and religious minorities, the US State Department said in a report.

Chinese-directed and affiliated actors are leading a coordinated effort to amplify Beijing’s favored narratives about Xinjiang, to stifle and marginalize narratives that criticize China’s repression of Uyghurs, and to harass those who criticize Beijing, according to the report.

China’s messaging tactics seek to drown out critical narratives by flooding the international information environment to limit access to content that contradicts Beijing’s official line, and creating an artificial appearance of support for the country’s policies. .

Messengers use sophisticated AI-generated images to create the appearance of authenticity of fake user profiles, according to the State Department report, adding that China is working to silence dissent by engaging transnational digital repression, trolling and cyberbullying.

China is flooding conversations to drown out posts it perceives as adverse to its interests on search engines and social media feeds, and to amplify Beijing’s favorite narratives about its treatment of Uyghurs, he said. .

Pro-China stakeholders are flooding news ecosystems with counter-narratives, conspiracy theories and unrelated news articles to suppress narratives detailing Chinese authorities’ atrocities in Xinjiang.

Government social media accounts, Beijing-affiliated media, private accounts, and bot clusters, likely all run by Chinese authorities, are contributing to this effort.

Former Under Secretary of State Keith Krach, chairman of the Krach Institute for Technology Diplomacy at Purdue and one of China’s leading human rights voices, said: “In Xinjiang, the Communist Party China (CCP) is carrying out some of the most serious acts involving massive human rights violations since World War II.

“The release of the State Department report proves that the United States understands the steps the CCP is taking to cover up the ongoing mass surveillance, repression, and genocide of the Uyghur people. This is another important step by the states United to hold the CCP accountable for their systemic campaign to wipe out the Uighur population The free world must not fall for the CCP’s deceptive tactics.

“Holding the CCP accountable requires a comprehensive approach. Now, students across the country are urging their universities to divest from China-linked endowments due to crimes in Xinjiang. American investors should follow these students’ example and divest from Chinese companies complicit in the perpetuation and cover-up of the genocide”.

Disclaimer: This story is auto-generated from news agency feeds and has not been edited by The Morung Express.
Source: IANS

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