How This Underrated Tom Cruise Movie Helped Ray-Ban Declare Bankruptcy To Become A $640 Million Company

Hollywood star who is soaring high in the sky currently, Tom Cruise is still known for his death-defying stunts in his movies. He started his career in 1981 and became the world’s top star. With many highly acclaimed films on the list, the actor once saved Ray-Ban, an American-Italian brand of sunglasses and eyewear. Many would wonder how an actor can save a brand from bankruptcy, but Tom Cruise did it!

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Tom Cruise’s poster photo has the public demanding Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Ray-Ban was going through a financial crisis and would sell 200,000 pairs a year. In 1983, Tom Cruise made a movie called “Risky Business”. Tom Cruise sported iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and his photo circulated on the movie poster. With the movie’s release, audiences wanted to wear what Tom Cruise wore in the movie. Shortly after the film’s release, Ray-Ban sales increased by around 50%. After manufacturing 200,000 pairs a year, the company continued to manufacture around 360,000 pairs after Risky Business was released.

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Pete Mitchell’s Ray-Ban Aviators in Top Gun movie boosted sales

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun

It was not the only case. With the release of the Top Gun movie, Tom Cruise character Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell donned Ray-Ban aviators throughout the film. As the film became a blockbuster, audiences flocked to stores to buy the pair of aviators that Tom Cruise wore in the film. Ray-Ban’s sales increased to 40% and by 1988 the company was manufacturing around 4.5 million Aviators.

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Tom Cruise’s love for Ray-Ban

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

In 2013, Tom Cruise opened up about his love for Ray-Ban aviators at the premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Tom Cruise wore stylish black sunglasses and a reporter asked if they were 3D glasses for the movie. To which Tom Cruise replied, “No, man, those are Ray-Bans.” To this day, Ray-Ban is considered one of the best eyewear companies in the world, and thanks to Tom Cruise who saved the company from tough times!

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick is now over $1 billion and continues to soar in theaters!

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