Legal verdict on Biden’s stranglehold on border wall funds could come soon

Republicans on the House Budget Committee sent a letter to congressional investigators on May 25 requesting an update on the investigation. On March 17, more than three dozen Senate Republicans called for a GAO investigation, which the agency said had already begun.

Even if the GAO decides that Biden’s detention is illegal, there are no penalties in current law – although, of course, in Trump’s case, Democrats controlling Congress attempted to impose the penalty. ultimate for a president, impeachment and impeachment.

In more typical circumstances, Congress has no recourse unless its investigators file a lawsuit against the administration to release the funds – a rare occurrence in the past.

GAO has only taken legal action for the release of the withheld money once since the impoundment law was enacted in 1975 when President Gerald Ford sought to overturn $ 264 million. dollars for a subsidized housing program. The lawsuit dragged on for seven months until a surprise announcement from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that it would reactivate the program in a revised form, and the case was closed.

House Budget Speaker John Yarmuth, D-Ky., Pushed for legislation that would add penalties for illegal holding of funds.

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