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The City of Williamsport will likely have to reimburse the state Department of Transportation and / or Federal Transit Administration money for the misuse of grants by River Valley Transit before, the service’s most recent audit found. public transport.

Mayor Derek Slaughter, presenting Lancaster’s RKL audit report to city council on Thursday, said it seemed likely the town would have to reimburse something due to the misallocation and misappropriation by the old management of the Williamsport Bureau of Transportation.

Senior management at River Valley Transit was able to override stipulations and use operating funds for purposes other than those for which they were allocated, such as grants from the State Department of Transportation and the Federal Transportation Administration. , depending on the cause determined by the listeners.

The motive and method of the abuse have not been determined; however, it spanned several years, and the exact amount the city owes remains untold.

Councilor Bonnie Katz, replacing Councilor Liz Miele, chair of the city’s finance committee, said the spending had been misappropriated and had been going on for several years.

These transactions took place in the years preceding to 2020 under the administration of Mayor Gabriel J. Campana while William E. Nichols Jr. was General Manager of River Valley Transit.

“We’re all trying to figure out how it happened to get to this state at this point,” Katz said.

“Inadequate checks and balances out of order for years” City Councilor Adam Yoder said, adding: “It validates the fact of having a supervisory committee of the Council”.

Slaughter said his administration worked directly with PennDOT and the federal government.

In addition, the criminal division of the state attorney general’s office is said to be investigating the use of a decade of receivable grants, some of which were allegedly used for non-transportation expenses by the previous municipal administration.

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