Ruby Stringfellow, 7


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Welcome to our very first Grom of the month!

Grom of the Month is a monthly feature where we’ll select a talented Grom from Maui and feature it with a photo and paragraph. Ever heard of a Grom? The term has roots in Australia as a slang reference to young surfers. It spread to the West Coast and to Hawaii, where it has taken its place in popular terminology in surf culture today. Our Grom of the Month will be a Maui youth aged 17 or under and will have a variety of strengths from the community, school, Ohana, environment and of course a love for the ocean and shredding waves. This project is a collaboration with DoomaPhotos and Jen Russo. Monkeypod Kitchen will donate a $ 50 gift certificate to our Grom of the Month and dinner for 4 awards for our annual Grom of the Year.

Meet our very first Grom of the month:

Ruby Stringfellow, 7

Ruby was chosen to be this month’s Grom Of The Month because she always comes to Honolua Bay cleanups and picks up trash wherever she is. Ruby always has a smile on her face and makes a point of greeting all the aunts and uncles. She has a very positive attitude in and out of the water. In addition, it is a mini charger.

Passion (in addition to surfing): Art, dance, skateboard, and cross training with trainer Kalani at Anytime Fitness.

Why do you like surfing: I love surfing because it makes me super happy indoors and being in the ocean makes me feel like I’m in Wonderland.

Public Service: I always clean the beach every time I go to the beach and I really love doing the ones where all my friends are there to help me too.

School: I am homeschooled and I love it so much. Mom and dad use a lot of different things to teach me and they’re all awesome. My favorite subjects are English, Mathematics and Science.

Advice: I’m riding a magical pink glitter chewing gum tokoro that I love so much!

Sponsors: Dakine, Sticky Bumps, Anytime Fitness Lahaina, Nektor Sunscreen

Coach: I have the most amazing trainer, Kalani Ross. He helps me so much to achieve my goals and is so kind. We do surf and cross training in his Anytime Fitness Lahaina gym which is super fun.

Favorite wave: Lahaina Harbor and Lower Courts

When did you start surfing: The first time I got on a board I was 10 months old but didn’t really start surfing all the time until I was about 3 years old.

Favorite food : Sushi and Acai Bowls

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