The Truth About Auto Loans Without Income


The search term for car loans with no income is high in Google, but it’s confusing for those of us who help consumers with credit problems.

Our experience

Have you ever wondered about those ads for no credit check auto loans, easy credit auto finance, or no income auto loans? At least, in our opinion, borrowers with less than perfect credit might want to consider something else before clicking the link or picking up the phone.

At Auto Credit Express, we understand all of this because over the past two decades we’ve helped consumers with bad credit research auto loans online to find the types of car dealers that can give them a chance to get credit. auto loan approvals.

The real story

The point is, car buyers with FICO scores below 550, currently bankrupt, or with total household income below $ 1,200 per month are very unlikely to qualify for a car loan through a subprime lender. . Most consumers faced with these circumstances will either end up paying cash for a vehicle or financing one from a BHPH car dealership.

On the other hand, many buyers looking for what they think are “no income auto loans” who have successfully completed bankruptcy, have a credit score of at least 500 and a gross monthly income of. $ 1,800 (or more). believe that they will never qualify for a car loan, especially if the lender has to review their credit report. But in the majority of cases, this is not true.

Look at it this way: Anyone trying to attract applicants by advertising “no income” loans is only hoping to attract the most desperate car buyers. After all, how can you pay off a loan if there is no way to pay it back? Second, it is almost a given that this type of loan program will not restore someone’s car credit – something borrowers should consider if they do not want to end up in the same credit situation the next time they go. they will need a car.

So we ask buyers who meet the minimum requirements of most high risk lenders to consider this: imagine driving a more reliable car that is covered by a new car warranty or a used car service contract while still being yourself. allowing you to restore your car credit at the same time.

Sounds like a better deal, doesn’t it? Here is how it works:


By visiting websites that support these types of programs, such as ours at, applicants can use the resources available to them. Loan calculators can give them a reasonable idea of ​​what they can afford, videos can educate them on the subprime auto loan process, and to top it off there are also live operators available during the hours. office workers who are eager to answer all of their questions. .

We also don’t make far-fetched promises when it comes to ensuring that an application will be approved. Unlike some sites that advertise “No Income Auto Loans,” the lenders our dealerships work with have income and residency requirements that must be met to qualify for a car loan.

One more thing: we promise to place applicants with dealerships who will not only treat them with respect, but also deal with a wide range of lenders who cover most credit situations.

The bottom line

There’s an old adage – the odds of success improve dramatically once you complete an application – that’s where we come in.

Auto Credit Express connects people who have experienced credit difficulties with new car dealers who can offer them their best approved auto loan opportunities.

So if you are ready to rebuild your credit, you can get started now by completing our online auto loan application.


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