What To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a legitimate bankruptcy lawyer. This in-depth guide will teach you how to distinguish a professional from a recruit or even a bankruptcy scammer. Let’s get started.

Why hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Although the deposit bankruptcy is a great way to get rid of debt, it is usually very stressful and therefore difficult to accomplish without professional help. A bankruptcy lawyer is aware of the latest procedures and legal requirements for filers. What is also very important, a lawyer is not emotionally involved in the process, which allows him to avoid mistakes and wasted time.

Guarantee the right level of competence

Most bankruptcy cases are considered relatively straightforward, but they can also quickly get very complicated. It all depends on your particular case. The level of difficulty of your case depends on:

  • the chapter on bankruptcy you choose;
  • the specific facts of your individual case (difficulties and risks);
  • whether your file is “active” or “not active”;
  • participation in bankruptcy litigation;
  • company property.

You have every right to ask lawyers if they have had bankruptcy situations similar to yours. If you contact a bankrupt law firm, he must be able to offer you a lawyer with the right level of competence.

Expect actionable legal advice

After signing the service contract, you can expect your lawyer to take your side and give you the best advice to show you what works in your best interests and what doesn’t. The lawyer should also tell you what:

  • the chapter on bankruptcy is right for you;
  • the documents you need to prepare;
  • complications and risks are present in your case;
  • you should expect when filing for bankruptcy.

Expect paperwork assistance

Filing for bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, all professional lawyers have the knowledge and access to the software necessary to prepare bankruptcy documents and submit them to court. Expect your lawyer to ask for your financial information, including:

  • assets
  • Income
  • expenses
  • debt facts

It is necessary that you do not hide any requested information as all your documents must be complete and not raise any questions during the court process. A good lawyer will teach you how to get all the paperwork together, what documents are not needed, and how to get everything as quickly as possible.

Expect explanations on the treatment of properties

A professional lawyer should be able to explain to you what specific assets are exempt and what should be sold under your bankruptcy chapter. It is important that you have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of what is going on without flooding your home with documents.

Expect to be represented at hearings

The bankruptcy process always involves obligations which can be assigned if your case requires it. You can expect your lawyer to represent you at the following hearings:

  • 341 meeting of creditors;
  • Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearings;
  • Chapter 7 reaffirmation hearings;
  • Motion or objection hearings are requested by either party involved in the process.

Your bankruptcy attorney’s job is to educate you about hearings so that you can provide the court with the correct answers and avoid further complications. Every lawyer with real court experience knows where clients can go wrong and asks them to avoid these typical mistakes.

Expect to be mindful of deadlines

Of course, hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you can relax and let it all go, but a good lawyer will always remind you to do it all on time. It is very important to avoid critical deadlines if you do not want to be fined or the court is suspicious of your case.

To pay attention

It is your responsibility to choose the right law firm and the right lawyer. Only you can protect yourself from fraudsters, so take the time to learn as much as you can about dealing with bankruptcy. It is impossible to fool people who don’t let themselves be fooled!

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