Who is Cuban Activist Rosa María Payá? – NBC 6 South Florida

Cubans across the island will take to the streets on Monday in massive peaceful protests and non-violent acts of civil disobedience to demand democracy and freedom, but a South Florida activist is slowly becoming a leading figure among the many Cuban exiles who fight in solidarity in Miami.

Rosa María Payá is a Cuban human rights and democracy activist and the daughter of Cuban democracy activist Oswaldo Payá.

A graduate of the University of Havana and Georgetown University’s Global Competitive Leadership Program, Payá founded Cuba Decide, a popular campaign to promote democracy in Cuba.

She is also president of the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy, which aims to strengthen, defend and consolidate democracy throughout the region.

His activism was inspired by his father, Oswaldo Payá, a Cuban political activist who died in 2012 in a car accident that many believe was caused on purpose.

Throughout his career, Payá has spoken in numerous forums, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Geneva Human Rights Summit. and democracy. She also met with Heads of State, Members of Parliament, and civic and spiritual leaders from around the world.

Events were held in South Florida and across the country on Sunday to show solidarity with the civic marches to be held in Cuba on Monday. NBC’s Laura Rodriguez Reports 6.

Payá, along with several other humanitarian leaders, requested permission to travel to Cuba from Miami on Monday to observe nationwide protests, visit political prisoners in prisons and hospitals, and meet with independent society leaders. civil.

“The Cuban nation, which lives inside and outside the island, will be on the streets today because we demand democracy, to take back our country and move forward with complete freedom. have applied for permits and we have to fly this morning to participate from Cuba because, as Cubans, we have that right in law, ”Payá said in a statement.

The Cuban government rejected the request.

Ahead of a demonstration scheduled for Cuba on Monday, Cubans in southern Florida and across the country on Sunday demonstrated their solidarity for a free Cuba. NBC’s Laura Rodriguez Reports 6.

Payá took part in a rally in Miami on Sunday where more than a thousand protesters gathered to show their support for Cuban activists participating in Monday’s civic march.

According to Payá, the Cubans on the island who fight for freedom risk their lives and those who have found refuge elsewhere have a responsibility “not to stop until they have obtained all the support necessary to recover their lives. homeland, their life and their freedom “.

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