Ygrene launches new home improvement loan solution

PETALUMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ygrene, one of the nation’s leading property improvement finance companies, today announced the expansion of its residential product portfolio beyond PACE (property assessment clean energy) financing. Building on the announcement in July of substantial new private investment by two of its initial investors, Lightyear Capital and Virgo Investment Group, Ygrene will now offer unsecured home improvement loan offerings nationwide through partnerships with third parties.

Access to unsecured loans greatly expands Ygrene’s ability to support owners as they seek financing to upgrade and strengthen their properties. Already a trusted resource for property improvement financing for over a decade, the unsecured offer allows those not eligible for PACE financing to seek other financing options.

Homeowners can view unsecured loan offers in just sixty seconds, and for the first time in the industry, they can also compare estimated monthly payment quotes for PACE and a selection from a pool of over thirty traditional lenders from home improvement – an exciting first step in choosing the most suitable financing for their project and their budget.

“We are committed to making home improvements accessible and affordable for every homeowner, and by adding unsecured loans to our residential product line, we are taking a huge step towards realizing that vision,” said Jim Reinhart, President and CEO of Ygrene. “As PACE funding continues to connect us to tens of thousands of homeowners who need critical energy-efficient property upgrades, renewable energy and storm protection, we are thrilled to be able to help homeowners who not live in a community that provides PACE with the funding they need to make their homes safer and more comfortable.

Ygrene’s non-guaranteed offer is a win-win solution for homeowners and contractors. Homeowners can compare offers from multiple lenders without having to apply for hard credit, get up to $250,000 in financing for all types of renovations, and receive funds within one to four business days, guaranteeing a quick start to their project. And there are no contractor fees.

To apply or for more information, visit www.Ygrene.com/home-improvement-loans.

About Ygrene

Ygrene’s award-winning property improvement financing, with built-in consumer protections, provides greater choice for home and business owners by providing access to affordable financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy , water conservation, storm protection, seismic resiliency improvements, and more. In addition, Ygrene funding is a proven and effective tool to support public policy initiatives at no cost to local government. By providing nearly $3 billion in private capital to more than 500 local communities, Ygrene-funded projects have created approximately 57,000 years of employment and invested millions in local economies across the United States. Learn more at ygrene.com.

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